Architecture meets Bakery


An interesting way to get new clients: office hunting. Last year, when we were looking for a new space for Typejockeys we got to know two architects. Andreas and Anna were renovating a really nice old bakehouse in Vienna and wanted to share the space with other creatives once finished. It would predominantly be used as office space, but at the front Anna wanted to revitalise the bakery. Quite a good plan. Unfortunately, too small for our needs, so we continued searching. However, few weeks later both of them contacted us to do their corporate design(s). Again, good plan!



Above, pictures during and after the renovation


Anna and Andreas. Bakery and architecture. Friskiness and purity. Two tasks: a common name, and a common logo. Let’s say it was, well… challenging. But also fun! So, from now on the Backraum project shares one lettering – but it is presented in two different ways. The picture mark: an eagle covered with a croissant. Like us they fell for this ironic approach and are brave enough to use it in their branding going forward! Andreas also likes to use it bottom up – he thinks then it looks like a ninja. Well then…

The corporate design for Anna’s bakery uses shrill colours, big type, kindly wording and a lot of joy. They sell organic pastries, tasty soups and cupcakes as well as fancy design accessories like bags, beanies and greeting cards. Not to forget: Art. It’s also a “micro gallery”. We did a lot of things for the bakery so far: Postcards, greeting cards, stickers, packaging, pastry bags, stamps, flags and the website






Salads and yoghurts


Pastry bags

We warmly recommend this nice spot in Vienna: Neustiftgasse 23. It’s truly worth a visit! 

The concept for Andreas’ Backraum architecture is earthy, reserved, calm and pure. And it takes some time. So be patient, more on the architecture part soon!