Case study: Swarco Raiders


I recently found my love of American Football. Although the sport isn’t very famous in Austria, our country’s teams do really well internationally. The Tirolean team Swarco Raiders recently won the Eurobowl, making clear that they are the best American Football team in Europe.

I saw the game as well as some others and I was highly impressed by this young team. What didn’t impress me was its design. And although design doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for most Austrian sports clubs, I made it my personal duty to change that.

Above you can see the logo of Swarco Raiders, consisting of a tough looking sword – which for me appears to have been painted by a tattoo artist – and the logotype… We spend significant time on the development of logotypes and I’ve got to say: This is hell for me. One doesn’t have to search a lot for the typeface that was used here (actually not further than A), there are those greedy gradients and probably the worst part – the type and the sword illustration don’t fit together in any way!

And so, out of emotion and pure fun I started to redraw this logo for good. Starting as some sketches in my sketchbook within two days it became what I thought would be a much better choice for Swarco Raiders. To be upfront with it: I actually sent the logo to the Swarco Raiders board of executives, explained my reasons and gave it to the club as a present. Asking for feedback after hearing nothing for two weeks I had the vice president on the line. He told me that he wouldn’t like the logo at all, that it would not fit for their purpose and that they had a similar logo already in the 1990s.

This of course brought me back down to earth quite quickly. However, I am very thankful for this feedback and I still totally enjoyed working on this.

I would now like to share this declined project with you and would appreciate your feedback!


I decided on a more unique style of lettering, with the intent of making the sword and the logotype fit together. I went for a positive and a negative version, since the logo appears on light and dark backgrounds. Below again the logotype in large scale:


The Swarco Raiders logo is a trademark of Swarco Raiders
The Swarco logo is a trademark of Swarco AG