Cleaning Up


Saubermacher is one of the biggest waste management companies in Austria and Eastern Europe. Ad agency St. Stephen’s created a new corporate design for the brand and brought us in to redraw the logotype.


The old logotype was simply written in Brush Script. Both the agency and the client had an idea how the new logotype should look – unfortunately those ideas were not the same. Nevertheless, our goal was – fittingly – to clean up the lettershapes and produce something that was still recognizable but much more respectable.


Saubermacher now uses hybrid trucks. This is one of the ‘normal’ models, showing off the new lettering.

In addition to the logotype the agency assigned us to produce a custom typeface for use in headlines, for example. With that goal in mind from the beginning we were able to produce a custom face within a small timeframe.


Capitals for a script family are a challenging task. They do not seem to follow many rules of the lowercase characters. On the other hand, they can well be a little wilder...


Clean letterforms mean clean vector drawings.


Testing was essential. Although this face should never be used for copy text, this setting shows a lot of potential ink blots more clearly.

The character set supports eastern languages with Latin script. Including alternatives and ligatures, we ended up with about 400 glyphs.


He’s also very happy about the new letterforms:


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Poster and corporate design © St.Stephens
Other images: Saubermacher and Typejockeys