Let’s get the show on the road!


After releasing our first two typefaces, we thought it was time to go on tour. To present our work, to see what’s going on outside Vienna, to get in touch with interesting people – with designers who care, designers who work in a sensitive way with type. We called graphic designers that we thought could be interested, explained to them why we want to meet and come around, checked the hotels (well, ‘hotels’… thanks to all the uncles, aunts and grannys for the asylum), we made appointments and finally had a tour plan. So we bought train tickets, packed our bags and started part one of our roadshow. Heading into the wild wild west. Vienna – Lenzing – Bad Ischl – Stainach – Kitzbühel – Innsbruck – Dornbirn – Innsbruck – Vienna.


Six days, 16 new contacts, 25 folders, a few sweaty shirts, around 1400 kilometres on rail, various train stations, many hours of sitting and working with our laptops in ICE, EC or Regio Express. What an experience.


Die wilden Kaiser, Zimmermann+Pupp, Kurt Dornig, Angelika Mathis, Nina Sturn, Saegenvier and motterdesign… all of them gave us a warm welcome, listened to what we had to say, were totally interested in the shown typefaces with all their OpenType features. We told them about our further offers like Lettering and Custom Type and the possibilities in using them. All this resulted in some really good conversations and interesting discussions.




And to be honest, between these hard working days we allowed ourselves some leisure time. Hiking up mountains of 2500 metres. Swimming in the almost freezing 17°C Traunsee. Motivating ourselves.


Once more we realised that Austria is a really beautiful and special country with such nice places we traveled through. It was enriching to meet other designers, be up to date, get around, expand our horizons and be confronted with different views. What a good idea getting the show on the road! Thanks to everyone who was interested in us and our work. 

To be continued… Styria, beware!