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On monday we contributed to a ORF report about the abolition of connected script writing in Austrian schools. (We do, however, not approve of the all lowercase setting in Kulturmontag’s on screen graphics)



Rücksicht, Freude, Mut


After last year’s provocative approach we tried to be more gentle this time. Austria’s daily newspaper Die Presse and the Austrian post office invited graphic designers to design a new stamp for our country. Topic: Factor Future in Austria’s economy.

Consideration, joy and courage – these three words are in our opinion the key to a quite a lot of things. Even in politics or economics. Or rather, especially there! 

„Österreichs Zukunft als erfolgreicher Wirtschaftsstandort?

Nur wenn wir rücksichtsvoll, unvoreingenommen, mutig und maßvoll handeln, erreichen wir Fülle. Das ist der Schlüssel zu einer positiven Zukunft und einem lebenswerten Österreich. Raum und Zeit für ein schätzendes Miteinander, für Kreativität, für Bildung, Mut zur Innovation und zu fairem Wettbewerb – all das, vernetzt mit Freude: Zukunft, wir kommen!“

The project was developed together with our intern Franzi. We are committed to the statement. Unfortunately the jury didn’t like the outcome as much as we do, though.

Bora. Eine Geschichte vom Wind


Ruth Cerha’s new novel Bora; Eine Geschichte vom Wind is about a summer on a quiet little island in croatia. About the sound of the wind. Grains of sand. About two people meeting each other.


Ruth’s writing is colorful and so rich of details. The book jacket’s design just had to reflect that. Being entirely hand lettered, the illustrative style and coloring shall give you a sense for what’s waiting inside. Jump in. The water is perfect!

Bora; Eine Geschichte vom Wind is Ruth Cerha’s fourth book. Available in Austria this week. Order it online. Or better: Buy it in your trusted bookstore. (It will likely have an online shop too, btw.)


Typejockeys is on Fontstand


The future of font licensing is quite a topic for type designers these days. Flat rate subscription models and 99% discounts make it hard to make a living with the work we love to do. Fontstand is a revolutionary new approach to desktop font licensing.

Developed by independent designers Andrej Krátky, Peter Biľak, and Ondrej Jób, this new Mac OS X app for testing and renting desktop fonts will most likely become the iTunes of the digital font market.

We’re very proud to be amongst the selected foundries available through Fontstand!


Fontstand’s simple, intuitive interface lets you view fonts and try them (up to ten a day) for free, using them just as if they were installed on your computer. Renting a font for 30 days costs just 10% of its regular price, and any rented font can be shared with another Fontstand user for just an additional 2% of its regular price. A pricing model that benefits small graphics studios and other workgroups, even those whose collaborators are spread out all over the world. Any font rented for a total of twelve months becomes permanently available in Fontstand and can also be downloaded and installed like any normal font.


Hell, we’re excited about this!


Get more info on, or download Fontstand right now!

New type family: Vito


In today’s era of touchscreen timepieces, an old-fashioned analog wristwatch draws attention to itself. The precision and the high level of detail that goes into a high-class watch’s design is tremendous. Vito’s designer Thomas Gabriel is fascinated by watches, and what counts most on vintage chronographs is the clock face’s design. The extravagant and powerful figures of many classic timepieces top-off the meticulously-detailed handiwork of their makers, completing masterpieces of technical and aesthetic excellence.


A closer look at these masculine but gentle forms and details formed the initial inspiration for the Vito type family. Molding that combination of strength and elegance into a typeface was the main goal.

Being aware of the rich variety of sans serif typefaces on the market, the bar for making a state-of-the-art product is set quite high. Therefore, Vito should be nothing less than the perfect tool to meet a modern designer’s typographic challenges!


With 60 styles (yes, sixty!), the family gives you both freedom and flexibility, but also consistency throughout all weights and widths. The symbiotic character of strength and elegance makes Vito ideal for everything that’s precious to you! Perfect to mix in magazines, on packaging, corporate designs or movie titles. Masculine and sporty for adrenaline junkies, reliable and elegant for serious typographers, but with a touch of bling for high snobiety. Vito has got you covered!


The styles start at € 60 (US$ 70), available right now! Gain flexibility and save real money by buying width packages, or even best, the whole family. For those who can’t decide, or need something in between, we hand-picked 20 essential styles out of Vito’s variety:


Vito’s sure deserved a nice specimen; The cover shines with golden hot foil stamping on Antalis paper’s ultra-fancy Curious Matter. The 30 inner pages give a little glance into this great type family’s possibilities.






Get more details, and see all purchase options here.

A new masthead for News


With the relaunch of the Austrian magazine News the new editor and her team introduced a more serious approach to journaslism, language and design. We were hired to redesign the magazine’s rather obsolete masthead, working closely together magazine’s new art director Christian Sulzenbacher. The new masthead was, of course, drawn from scratch and under the directives recognizable, humanistic, refreshed.

Some sketches for the new masthead:


The old and the new masthead in comparison: 
Magazine design: Christian Sulzenbacher



Werkschau 2015


For this year’s Werkschau für Grafisches und illustratives, Anna was not only giving a lecture, she also created a room for experiencing Typejockeys’ lettering and type design projects.

First sketches and ideas were discussed in our Monday morning meeting, Nana Architektur was consulted for further input. So it grew little by little to quite an ambitious project, as a sideline to our daily jobs. The fact, that there was only two days for prepare the location, made it important to plan everything as perfect and in detail as possible. 

The main wall gives an overview on our typefaces:


The frame wall shows us, lettering and custom type projects …


… and, of course, we also went for a shots bar – making it easy to buy fonts and drink a Apfelschnaps in only 2 minutes!


A few days and a few beads of sweat later – thank you Stephan and Simon for your good work – we were proud to welcome our guests in our little type wonderland.




All of this would have been impossible without the support of Teleprint – thank you for printing and producing almost everything for our little exhibition. And thanks for helping us everytime we need quick digital printing solutions!

Elli Schindler and Christina Pikl did a great job, organising this event. A big thanks to them for inviting us to be part of it. We enjoyed it a lot and were happy that so many people were interested in Annas talk (although it was one of the first sunny and warm weekends this spring).


See you next year!

Typejockeys for Marc O’Polo


We had the opportunity to design a couple of T-shirt prints for German fashion label Marc O’Polo. The collection is under the motto Natural Evolution and produced out of organic cotton. The first two designs are a combination of earthy hand lettering and copperplate engraving collages.






The T-shirts are available online and in every Marc O’Polo retail shop.

Photos: © Marc O’Polo

Travel themed art prints


Global Yodel is a community of citizens from all over the world who inspire one another. The network is a portal of expression – photographers, illustrators, graphic designers offer destination tips and inspiration through an artful insight into life, culture and places. 


We designed two artworks for the “Travel Inspiration Collaboration” series. A collaboration with designers around the world to create art prints that inspire others to explore this beautiful world of ours! Thomas interpreted Dream – Explore – Discover, and I did Bon Voyage. Go check them out!



Lecture am Brilliantengrund


Coming Thursday morning you’ll have the opportunity to see a couple of great type and lettering designers (and us) at Hotel am Brilliantengrund, Wien 7.

Speeches by Hannes van Döhren, Jolouvian, Karol Gadzala and us will take place from 10 am to 2 pm.

Program is as follows:

10.15: Welcome to my World (Hannes von Döhren)
11.15: Obsession, Perfection and Perception (Joluvian)
12.45: From Script Lettering to Scripting in Illustrator (Karol Gadzala)
13.15: Fonts and Stuff (Typejockeys)

Tickets are 30 euros and even include a brunch. The talks will be followed by 4 workshop days (which are booked out unfortunately). The whole event is organized by the wonderful Atelier Olschinsky, and will hopefully be the beginning of something great.

More infos here:
Masterclasses am Brilliantengrund
Love Letters Speeches & Brunch

See you there!

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