Design: Michael Hochleitner

Was passiert mit Ingeborg

Wir freuen uns immer, wenn Sie uns Fotos unserer Schriften in Verwendung zusenden. Deshalb wäre es toll, wenn Sie uns über die großartigen Produkte informieren, die Sie mit Typejockeys-Schriften gestalten. Gerne erwerben wir die Ansichtsexemplare auch.


Amerikas größtes Medizinisches Zentrum Mount Sinai verwendet Ingeborg vom Logo bis zum Fließtext. Photos and design: Infinia Group 


The book 200 Jaars Nieuwen Bosch from Belgium designer Stéphane de Schrevel is using Ingeborg throughout. See more pictures of Pink Mince in our .



The magazine Decat o Revista uses Ingeborg throughout. It is set in Romanian, one of the many languages fully supported.


Pink Mince magazine uses Ingeborg since issue #2. The weight range of Ingeborg allows the use the type family for headers and copy text. See more pictures of Pink Mince in our Blog.


Ingeborg Heavy was used for a series of post cards for Tom Beck Printed only with gloss paint, die type is only visible when the viewer moves the card in the right direction to the light. Some of the cards even show the nice fü-ligatures of Ingeborg.


The traditional group specimen of the MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading included next to the other great work of 2007/08 the Ingeborg type family. Very decent printing of the typography dept. printing shop by the way.


In summer 2007 a small poster series was produced including big and fat Ingeborg type on it.


Of course Ingeborg’s 2008 Specimen was the first extended usage of the family.


Ingeborg: € 360,00

  • Alle 9 Fonts
    (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic,
    Heavy, Heavy Italic, Fat, Fat Italic
    and Block)
  • 6 Zahlenformate
  • OpenType-Features
  • Swash Caps
  • Stylistic Alternates

Ingeborg Text: € 200,00

  • 4 Fonts
    (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
  • 6 zahlenformate
  • OpenType-Features
  • Swash Caps
  • Stylistic Alternates

Ingeborg Display: € 200,00

  • 4 Fonts
    (Heavy, Heavy Italic, Fat, Fat Italic)
  • 6 Zahlenformate
  • OpenType-Features
  • Swash Caps
  • Stylistic Alternates