Webfont Specimen


The new kind of

modern face


Homogeneous Type

The Ingeborg family was designed with the intent of producing a readable modern face. Its roots might well be historic, but its approach is very contemporary. Ingeborg’s Text Weights are functional and discreet. This was achieved without losing the classic characteristics of a Didone typeface, which are the vertical stress and the high contrast. The Display Weights on the other hand are designed to fulfil their job and catch the reader’s eye by individual forms and a whole lot of ink on the paper. Nevertheless both are of one origin and work together in harmony.

Whoever thought that Modern Faces were not readable should now know better. Ingeborg’s Text Weights combine everything a “Modern Face” or “Didone” should be, without being inferior to the common oldstyle faces used for copy text.

Big or Small

Ingeborg was completely reworked for the use in Web. The hinting was done by hand mostly, which makes the fonts render much cleaner on the screen. All nine print fonts are now also available for the web.

Since the OpenType features are not yet implemented in most of the usual web browsers, the Striped version is available as a seperate font in the web version.




Bold Italic


Heavy Italic


Fat Italic



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